– Fear –


Nothing that fear.

Fear to everything.

Fear of light,
Can burn my skin.

Fear of the dark,
Can swallow my soul.

Fear of the night,
Can steal my dreams.

Fear of Distance…

The distance can destroy every relationship,

Even true love.

Fear of love.

Love can break my heart
In so many pieces…

Horrible fear.

She makes me shake.
I don’t want to.

She is full of anger
And wickedness.

What should I do for face my fears?

Am I will be ever able to defeat my fears?

I don’t know…

The fear is too strong now.
I can’t even see a tomorrow…

I’m so scared.

Fear, are you happy now?



I’m feeling alone…
Alone as never before…

I need to cry
But my tears are gone…

I want to cry
But I can’t do it…

I’m feeling so stressed
I can explode…

My head is hurting
She is full of anxiety…





Why all this is happen to me?!

Somebody help me…
I can’t do it alone…

I need to cry…
I want it so bad…

Wind Breath

The wind
Her sound

So peaceful…

The sound
Her words

So mysterious…

Somewhere the wind breath
Is a nightingale sing

Somehow people believe wind breath
Is a sweet lady who speaks to them
Charming lustful words

The wind breath
The dancing gypsy

Somewhere this gypsy cause
Horrible disasters
Somehow those disasters
Are grim splendors

The wind breath



Mother Moon

Mother Moon,
Dear ancestress.

Pale as the beautiest bone.
Pure as a white rose.

Your light the guidance to our lives.

Mother Moon,
Am I in love?
Will I ever fall in love?

Will someone would love me?

Mother Moon,
Help me to find answers to my despair questions.

Mother Moon,
Dear ancestress…

Help me.

Let your light purify my stone heart.

Let me love again.


Let me love again…


Love, yes! Love.

Love is the most powerful feeling in the intere universe.

Love is the weirdest thing ever.


Do I deserve to love?

Am I able to feel love?

Do someone will fall in love with me?

Or am I fated to be alone?

To be alone until my last breath.




Feeling Alive

What is this feeling?

What is this warm inside me?

It hurts.


Is it what people called “feeling alive”?

How people could be happy with this sensation?

It weird.

It hurts.


What is gonna happen to me?

I don’t want to live like this.

I don’t want to feeling alive.

It hurts.

Too damn much.

Child of Darkness

Child of Darkness,

The darkness in your eyes,

Is a broken starlight crystal.


Darkness’ child,

Beloved little one,

Please, don’t grow up!

Life will hurt you in so many ways.


Child of Darkness,

The darkness in your eyes,

Is a broken starlight crystal.


Child of Darkness, dear baby,

Keep your soul to this dark tree branches,

And you will be forever sheltered.